Anmous stem from Germany, come from preciseness.
It combines the science and tradition perfectly.

Anmous safety care leading brand, which stem from Germany. The founder is a famous pedologist. He found the“blue Camomile Ting”component, which is a kind of antianaphylaxis component efficiently , he use it in the treatment of some common pediatric diseases such as baby eczema, skin sensitivity, constipation, indigestion, insomnia universally, and all get an excellent efficacy. With this inspire he invent Anmous series products which incorporate blue chamomile extract as the main component. There will be more people can benefit from the breakthrough research which combine the Germany rigorous modern industry and Germany traditional medicine.

Brand Mission

Anmos,by obedience to the mission of that “taking care of the baby's healthy growth via preciseness and serious science technology,creating beautiful life for every families all over the world”. We would like to share the joy of new life. We always adhere to the mission of building better life quality, We’ll feel the happiness of babies healthy growth with you together. Anmous medical products have a great reputation in Germany hospitals,the first batch of the medical products have been entered into some famous hospitals in Beijing、Shanghai、Guangzhou and some other big cities.